How environmental constraints influence the dynamics of a population and its evolution


Welcome, Dibyendu!

We welcome Dibyendu Dutta to the team! Dibyendu joins us from Supreet Saini's group at IIT Bombay. We are excited about him joining as first postdoc in the group and look forward studying phage host range evolution in biofilms together with him.

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Welcome, Emma!

We welcome Emma Tollafield to the team! Emma will be a technician in the group, supporting the project on host range evolution in biofilms.

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New preprint on chirality in colonies

What drives chirality in E. coli colonies? We, Andrés Aranda-Díaz, KC Huang, myself and a number of colleagues went out to see whether it is twisting of single cells during growth. But again and again, the experiments did not allow us to make this conclusion. Finally,...

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About the Lab

We are interested in how the physical world shapes the dynamics in biological systems. We currently focus on the role of the environment on the evolutionary dynamics of populations expanding into new habitats.

We use a variety of models, mostly borrowed from physics, simulation techniques and protocols necessary to make quantitative measurements. Our current model system of choice is bacteriophage T7 spreading on a lawn of the bacterium E. coli.


Hunter M, Krishnan N, Liu T, Möbius W, Fusco D. (2021)
Virus-Host Interactions Shape Viral Dispersal Giving Rise to Distinct Classes of Traveling Waves in Spatial Expansions, Physical Review X, volume 11, pages 021066, DOI:10.1103/PhysRevX.11.021066. Synposis at Physics.

Aranda-Díaz A, Rodrigues C, Grote A, Sun J, Schreck C, Hallatschek O, Souslov A, Möbius W*, Huang K C*. (2021)
Bacterial filamentation drives colony chirality.
* Corresponding authors.

Möbius W*, Tesser F*, Alards KMJ, Benzi R, Nelson DR, and Toschi F. (2019)
The collective effect of finite-sized inhomogeneities on the spatial spread of populations in two dimensions, arXiv:1910.05332.
* Authors contributed equally.

Beller DA, Alards KMJ, Tesser F, Mosna RA, Toschi F, and Möbius W, Evolution of populations expanding on curved surfaces, EPL, 2018.

Chacón JM, Möbius W, and Harcombe WR, The spatial and metabolic basis of colony size variation, ISME J, 2018.

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