How environmental constraints influence the dynamics of a population and its evolution


Brandon successfully finished his PhD!

Congratulations to now Dr Brandon Tuck who successfully passed his viva! Brandon developed a device that let us control nutrients under the agar surface, enabling, for example, nutrient repleneshing and stable antibiotic gradients. Wolfram must have been thinking...

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PhD projects advertised

We are excited about two PhD projects that are currently advertised: How biofilms protect themselves against bacteriophage infection and how they fail supvervised by Wolfram Möbius (Exeter), Maisem Laabei (Bath), Daniel Kattnig (Exeter) and a great set of...

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About the Lab

We are interested in how the physical world shapes the dynamics in biological systems. We currently focus on the role of the environment on the evolutionary dynamics of populations expanding into new habitats.

We use a variety of models, mostly borrowed from physics, simulation techniques and protocols necessary to make quantitative measurements. Our current model system of choice is bacteriophage T7 spreading on a lawn of the bacterium E. coli.


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Bacterial filamentation drives colony chirality, mBio, volume 12, pages e01542-21, DOI:10.1128/mBio.01542-21.
* Corresponding authors.

Möbius W*, Tesser F*, Alards KMJ, Benzi R, Nelson DR, and Toschi F. (2021)
The collective effect of finite-sized inhomogeneities on the spatial spread of populations in two dimensions, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, volume 18, pages 20210579, DOI:10.1098/rsif.2021.0579.
* Authors contributed equally.

Hunter M, Krishnan N, Liu T, Möbius W, Fusco D. (2021)
Virus-Host Interactions Shape Viral Dispersal Giving Rise to Distinct Classes of Traveling Waves in Spatial Expansions, Physical Review X, volume 11, pages 021066, DOI:10.1103/PhysRevX.11.021066. Synposis at Physics.

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