Brandon successfully finished his PhD!

Congratulations to now Dr Brandon Tuck who successfully passed his viva! Brandon developed a device that let us control nutrients under the agar surface, enabling, for example, nutrient repleneshing and stable antibiotic gradients. Wolfram must have been thinking...

PhD projects advertised

We are excited about two PhD projects that are currently advertised: How biofilms protect themselves against bacteriophage infection and how they fail supvervised by Wolfram Möbius (Exeter), Maisem Laabei (Bath), Daniel Kattnig (Exeter) and a great set of...

Welcome, Dibyendu!

We welcome Dibyendu Dutta to the team! Dibyendu joins us from Supreet Saini’s group at IIT Bombay. We are excited about him joining as first postdoc in the group and look forward studying phage host range evolution in biofilms together with him.

Welcome, Emma!

We welcome Emma Tollafield to the team! Emma will be a technician in the group, supporting the project on host range evolution in biofilms.

New preprint on chirality in colonies

What drives chirality in E. coli colonies? We, Andrés Aranda-Díaz, KC Huang, myself and a number of colleagues went out to see whether it is twisting of single cells during growth. But again and again, the experiments did not allow us to make this conclusion. Finally,...